Random Death [Smartphone Annoyances]

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My phone has been suffering from a bad battery and random death.  I would keep my phone charging constantly in the car, at work, or at home, then when off the charger for a small period of time, I would notice that it was dead.  Totally dead; no charge left.  This has left me so … Read More

Best AntiVirus software?

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This is a question that I get asked often by friends and customers:  What should I use to protect my computer from X? Here are my current recommendations for antiX software (x = virus, malware, phishing, etc.).  Keep in mind this is for home and small business (10 or less computers) users only; larger businesses … Read More

Easy Entertainment Center WiFi

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Recently, I entered into a truce with the pay-for-television industry, gave into the demands of my family, and signed an “exclusive” 2-year deal with DirecTV.  I was perfectly happy the last couple of years not having a monthly bill and besides online entertainment has been coming into its own for a while (Hulu, ABC/NBC/Fox, Joost, … Read More