Random Death [Smartphone Annoyances]

Categories: Tips

My phone has been suffering from a bad battery and random death.  I would keep my phone charging constantly in the car, at work, or at home, then when off the charger for a small period of time, I would notice that it was dead.  Totally dead; no charge left.  This has left me so completely aggravated that I have started to fantasize about using a BlendTec blender to fix the problem once and for all.

A coworker was nice enough to give me a spare battery they had and it seemed to help a little, but I would set my phone down or put it in my pocket, only to take it out later and it be shut off again!

Well, I’m happy to announce there is a simple fix in the form of a non-technical hack to solve this dilemma……the paper shim!

Simply fold a small piece of paper, or thin cardboard, the size of your cell phone battery and place it between your battery and the battery cover and voila!  Problem solved.



Seriously, if you notice on newer smartphone handsets, the manufacturers have started to place small foam pads attached to the battery cover, such as this one on the new Motorola Droid.