Easy Entertainment Center WiFi

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Recently, I entered into a truce with the pay-for-television industry, gave into the demands of my family, and signed an “exclusive” 2-year deal with DirecTV.  I was perfectly happy the last couple of years not having a monthly bill and besides online entertainment has been coming into its own for a while (Hulu, ABC/NBC/Fox, Joost, etc.).  Well, one thing I was looking forward to was that the DirecTV receiver I ordered has the capability to connect to the Internet to download OnDemand programming, weather, etc.  There is only one problem:  running Ethernet cabling in my home would not be pretty.

So, I decided to go wireless.  I purchased a Linksys WRT54GL router, installed DD-WRT firmware, configured it as an access point, and voila – I now have a 4-port wireless ap to connect my DirecTV receiver, my hacked Xbox, and with two ports left over for future expansion.  The whole setup took about 30 minutes.