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Grant Full Access to All Mailboxes in Exchange 2010


Here’s a little time-saving tip for working with mailboxes in Exchange 2010. ¬†Normally if you need full access to another user’s mailbox in Exchange 2007/2010 you would highlight their mailbox in the Exchange Management Console and the choose “Manage Full Access…” from the action pane. ¬†You would have to do this individually for each mailbox that you wanted to manage full access permissions More >

Exchange 2010: Simplify OWA URL


Exchange Outlook Web Access is a wonderful feature, but directing users to access it on their own can be a patience testing proposal if you’re not using URL redirection.

For example: you’ve installed Exchange 2010, configured all the appropriate roles, including the CAS (Client Access Server; responsible for OWA), and deserve a hero’s welcome, or at least a pat on the back. You then send More >

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