AWS Route 53 (DNS): Create Equivalent of URL Forwarding Record


Several advanced DNS providers (EasyDNS, DNS Made Easy, etc) provide URL forwarding functionality through the use of a “DNS” record.  It’s not really an official DNS record, but rather provides a “301 Server Redirect” (URL redirect) and abstracts the complexity from end users that are managing this functionality.

In order to accomplish the same desired effect without this advanced feature More >

Exchange and the Default Domain Controllers GPO


I recently ran across an issue with an Exchange 2010 server that was configured for a hybrid Office 365 setup.  The on-premises Exchange 2010 server had the majority of mailboxes migrated to Office 365 and was serving primarily as an onsite SMTP relay and CAS server.  The service desk at my client had started to receive complaints that scan-to-email and other relays were not working.  In More >

Performance Monitoring for Bottlenecks [Chart]


Steven Choy posted this excellent article on MS TechNet back in August of 2008.  I still consider it an excellent starting place to determine where various bottlenecks may be occurring on systems.

I’ve taken the liberty to summarize the information contained in the article and created a chart for convenience.  Enjoy!

(Click image for larger version)

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