Got a Virus? Don’t Panic!


My last post dealt with being proactive and installing a good anti-malware solution that won’t eat up all of your processor cycles.  This post will deal with the reactive side:

You suspect you may already have a virus….NOW WHAT?!

How bad your computer is infected will determine what you need to do to get rid of the malware.  As far as I’m concerned, there are 3 levels of infection:

  1. “Peer” More >

Best AntiVirus software?


This is a question that I get asked often by friends and customers: 

What should I use to protect my computer from X?

Here are my current recommendations for antiX software (x = virus, malware, phishing, etc.).  Keep in mind this is for home and small business (10 or less computers) users only; larger businesses may want software that gives them more control over managing workstations More >

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