Active Directory

Exchange and the Default Domain Controllers GPO


I recently ran across an issue with an Exchange 2010 server that was configured for a hybrid Office 365 setup.  The on-premises Exchange 2010 server had the majority of mailboxes migrated to Office 365 and was serving primarily as an onsite SMTP relay and CAS server.  The service desk at my client had started to receive complaints that scan-to-email and other relays were not working.  In More >

Domain-wide Time Synchronization: Part 2


Ok, sorry for the delay, but I want to dive right in. Let’s break down the steps from part 1:

1 – Configure NTP time source for PDC domain contoller

For this step, you want to configure the PDC to check in with a reliable Internet time server. A couple of ones that I prefer to use are hosted by the US Naval Observatory ( and NIST (

UPDATE:  Only use OPEN More >

NtFrs Error 13559 OR When in Doubt, Read the Error


A customer was complaining that their “sysvol” share on their Windows Server 2003 R2 domain controllers was not replicating content (updated group policies, login scripts, etc.). Upon initial examination, I ran across this error in the event logs: Event Type: Error Event Source: NtFrs Event Category: None Event ID: 13559 Date: 5/18/2009 Time: 6:53:52 More >

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